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My name is Kevin Blackburn I am the owner and gunsmith at Leeson Strategic. First, the name Leeson Strategic came about while brainstorming with my wife and is in honor of my father, who first introduced me to preparedness, hunting, fishing, camping, survival, and firearms. His middle name was LEE, and I am his SON, so LEESON. 

About Me 

 I am a USAF Veteran, lifelong outdoorsman, former Firefighter Medic, Ski Patroler, SAR team Member, and Rescue Diver, and for eighteen years, I owned and ran a commercial and documentary photography business Traveling 275 plus days a year all over and staying safe. This is a sneak peek of just some of my history. In October of 2020, at age 46, I was in the blessed position to retire, and in the Spring of 2021, after my wife (and I apparently) decided I needed to find something to occupy my time, I became a USCCA Instructor I also decided to start teaching courses on Emergency Preparedness, self-reliance, and Wilderness Fieldcraft and I went back to school and studied Gunsmithing, The mechanics of it has always interested me and seemed a good fit for a guy who spent most of his life problem solving and fixing people and things, so here I am all finished with the "official" training (See Certifications Below) and launching this venture in 2022. 

Important information for clients.

  • This company is run on the core values I learned as a child and in the USAF Integrity, Service, Excellence

Integrity is just doing the right thing no matter what. 

Service Is Service before self 

Excellence Is striving for Excellence and perfection in all we do

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