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Pricing and Service Breakdown


We require customers to provide the ammunition they use to test fire your firearm when test firing is required or requested. This is the best way to ensure your firearm works best for you Test fire videos available on request and return of spent casings available on request.

Revolver 12 rounds

Semi-Auto Pistol 15 Rounds

Shotguns 5-7 rounds

Bolt Rifles 5-10 rounds

Semi Auto Rifles 5-10 rounds

Basic List of Service Prices


Hunting Season Preparation  (Contact for Pricing) 

  • Pre-service test fire (ammunition provided by the customer we want to use what you shoot)

  • Full teardown and reassembly (optics left in place) 

  • Complete Deep Clean and Lubrication

  • Full safety check

  • Check Headspace (Common Calibers)

  • Function Checks

  • Smooth and Tune as needed 

  • Post-service test fire (ammunition provided by the customer we want to use what you shoot)

Custom Scope Fitting $100

 Proper fitting of a precision optic requires time and both the shooter and the gunsmiths time in person to make it perfect for you. I come to you shooting rest and all, and we will spend about an hour custom fitting and marrying you to your recession rifle. We will then bore/laser sight your rifle to get you set for proper sighting on your next range visit.

Trigger upgrades     $25

Sight and Optics Upgrades     $25

EDC Reliability Tuning      $75

Trigger Jobs (factory trigger tuning      $75

Action Tuning (all action types) Pistols and Long Guns     $125

Field Strip Clean and Check (all firearm types      $25

Complete Disassembly, Clean, Inspect, Reassembly, and test fire      $75

Basic Scope Mount and Bore Sighting      $25

Hand Gun and Rifle sight upgrades and adjustments      $75

Accessories Install, you name it, we install and calibrate it      $25hr

Furniture Repair     $25hr

Accurizing      $25hr

Cosmoline removal and cleaning      $25hr

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