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My Tips FOR SAFE camping during the SPRING HUNTING SEASON

The Holidays are past, and spring is around the corner. Some of us are itching to camp, be it to get on a last-minute winter trip or just to get out on a warm winter weekend. Here are some tips for the spring camper that will be out during the spring hunting season.

1. Put yourself in a Hunter's shoes for a bit. Take a local state-approved hunter safety class. This will give you insights into the safety measures hunters are to follow, like distance from houses and roads and private versus public land access and hunting

2. Know your local and state hunting seasons and public land access regulations.

See #1, but you should study these and know them down to the City, town, or County because, in many places, regulations can vary a lot in small areas.

3. Avoid opening day/weekend and other peak times if you are planning to camp during this time, plan to stay in an established campground on public land VS dispersed camping or stay at a private or State Park campground; these generally have hunters but do not allow hunting on the property ( This can change if there is a specific game population management hunt in play)

4. Always trust your gut if something doesn't feel right, then find a place that does. Your gut is usually smarter than you

5. Check in with your local Game and FIsheries Agency, and if you are going to the Nation forest or other public lands, check in with the local ranger office

6. When you go hiking, stay on the trails and wear safety colors like BLAZE ORANGE and wear it proud and load

7. And Finally, when camping during Hunting season especially KEEP YOUR IFAK Individual First Aid Kit or travel Trauma Kit close at all times. Accidents still happen despite our efforts, and you should be prepared!

Need first Aid Training? We can help. Check us out here

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