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Bushcraft/Woodsman/Primitive living Skills/Prepper

So prepping and readiness are big on people's minds these days, and they frequently find information online. Still, this information tends to be very focused on specific types of readiness, prepping, or bushcraft.

Well, I am here to let you in on a little secret being ready is a little of all and more. The fact is no one set of skills will ensure you are ready for the most likely isolating events that will happen to the average citizen.

To draw on the D.O.D. a little they prioritize isolating events for NORAD in the following manner and guess what these really fit the average life of the average citizen in the United States and Canada. I added #1 as my top concern. The First four are realistic and statistically the most common regardless of where you live in the United States!

  1. Municipal Failures IE Water systems, Electrical grid failures, First Responders overwhelmed.

  2. Medical Emergencies (including traumatic incidents IE Car wrecks, Mass shooter events, etc.)

  3. Extreme Weather Events

  4. Civil Disorder

  5. Conventional Attacks

  6. EMP Attacks

  7. Cyber Attacks

  8. Chemical Biological Neculear attacks

  9. Improvised Nuclear attack

  10. Conventional Nuclear attack

So why only pick one set of skills to make sure you and your family are ready and safe? Some people get into these, and they become a type of hobby, and they take them to the extremes and take them far too seriously saying things like My way is the only and best way. I will tell you they are WRONG. I was once told that the best warrior is a well-learned and well-rounded Warrior no matter his specialty! I tend to agree, it’s awesome to be great at one thing but make sure you are really good at a lot of things!

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