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THE Get-Home Bag AKA GHB

Get-home bags( GHB) are essential items of equipment for anyone traveling away from home. They are designed to be easily carried and provide essential items in case of an emergency. A typical get-home bag might include items such as a flashlight, water and food, a first aid kit, a whistle, a map, a lighter, and a change of clothes. Additional items might include a cell phone charger, extra batteries, a space blanket, some sort of shelter an extra set of keys, a multitool, and a compass.

Get-home bags are especially important for those traveling in remote or unfamiliar areas, such as hikers and campers. They can also be helpful for anyone traveling in inclement weather or if their car breaks down. YES, your GHB can and should be part of your car emergency kit. Having a get-home bag on hand can provide peace of mind and can make a potentially dangerous situation much easier to manage. The most important thing when assembling a get-home bag is to make sure it is lightweight and compact. About 20%-25% of your body weight, It should be small enough to fit into a backpack or another portable container. To keep the weight manageable, it is best to focus on essential items only.

The items should also be chosen based on the individual’s needs and the environment they will be traveling in. For example, a hiker in the desert would need different items than a motorist stuck in a snowstorm.

Once the items have been chosen, it is important to keep the get-home bag organized. All items should be clearly labeled, and the bag itself should be clearly marked with the words ‘get home bag’. This will make it easy to find the items when they are needed. In addition, it is important to regularly check the bag's contents and replace any items that have expired or been used.

Having a get-home bag is essential for anyone traveling away from home, and can provide a sense of security and peace of mind in an emergency. Assembling the bag is a simple process and only requires a few minutes of preparation. With the right items, a get-home bag can provide the essentials for any unexpected situation.

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