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Welcome to our BLOG I'm Kevin

I just wanted to take a chance to introduce the site and myself. I'm Kevin aand our goal here at Leeson is education and makeing life better. Havea read of my short bio below and we will be back soon with more.

I am a USAF Veteran, life-long outdoorsman, former Firefighter Medic, Ski Patroler, SAR team Member, and Rescue Diver, and for eighteen years, I owned and ran a commercial and documentary photography business Traveling 275 plus days a year all over and staying safe. This is a sneak peek of just some of my history. In October of 2020, at age 46, I was in the blessed position to retire, and in the Spring of 2021, after my wife (and I apparently) decided I needed to find something to occupy my time, I became a USCCA Instructor I also decided to start teaching my own courses on Emergency Preparedness and Wilderness self-reliance, I also went back to school and studied Gunsmithing, So here I am launching my next adventure I look forward to the oppertunitny to teach you and learn from you!

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