Courses Starting January 2023

Wilderness Skill Training

Spend time OUTSIDE learning the life-maintaining skills you need to enjoy, survive and thrive in the wild

The knowledge and skills required to enjoy and survive the outdoors are useful for more than just a weekend camping or day hiking trip. This course is designed to give you the knowledge to prepare to enjoy the outdoors and what to do when things go sideways and to get home safely or help others do the same.

Basic Course: two nights, two days camp in place small group camping no Rucking. This class is designed to experience the outdoors and learn and practice basic skills (required equipment list PDF HERE) 

Intermediate Course: Growing up n the skills learned in the basic course, this is a three-night, four-day RUCKING class that will cover about 10 miles of uneven terrain but at a pace that most can easily accomplish. If you have not taken the basic course, that's fine but keep in mind that you MUST have good basic skills to partake in and enjoy this course safely. This course is also offered as a winter survival experience. (required equipment list PDF HERE) 

Some things we cover

  • Situational Awareness

  • Have Plan... P.A.C.E planning

  • Where to go

  • Overnight site selection

  • Shelter

  • Low Visibility or Stealth Camping

  • Preparing for your adventure, how and what to pack

  • Preparing your Vehicle

  • Before, During, After

  • First Aid, First Aid Kits, and the IFAK

  • Fire

  • Water, Food, Shelter Know your limits and comfort zone

  • Communication

  • Basic (and I mean basic Navigation) 

  • Gear and where to buy on a budget

  • Tips, Tricks, and more



Volunteer Participation Waiver and Release

Hunters Emergency Survival Course


This course is designed for hunters that find themselves lost, late getting out of the woods, or hurt while hunting. You may be the world's best outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, tracker, or trapper. Still, these skills are vastly different from being a WOODSMAN and surviving the night or a day or two when something goes sideways, and you need time to self-rescue or you have to wait for rescue. 


What we Cover


  • Check-in on yourself. Cheek the EGO realize when you are truly in that decision-making moment. 

  • Self Rescue or Call for Help

  • Triangle of Survival

  • Shelter

  • Water

  • Food

  • MOVE

  • Signal

  • Emergency First Aid


Hunter Emergency Kit List

This kit list is just a starting point of suggestions you can modify for your personal approach. It is meant to fit in one large pocket or a small backpack or haversack that you may already be carrying. 

  • MilSpec Poncho

  • Poncho Liner (OPTIONAL)

  • Emergency/Casualty Blanket

  • Roll of 1 mil painters drop cloth Clear to semi Clear

  • Cordage Paracord and or Bank Line

  • Four aluminum or poly tent stakes (Optional)

  • Water Purification

  • Military Metal Canteen cook set / Minimum Metal cook mug for boiling water

  • Fixed Blade Knife (your hunting knife will be just fine if it is a fixed blade) 

  • Backup Pocket knife with saw or pocket Saw (Optional)

  • Fire Starter Kit

  • One emergency meal (Minimum) 

  • IFAK ( Individual First Aid Kit)